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Hello all,

I currently have a 3 router setup, all 2500 series, two routers are both going to there own network with a web server on each. The third router is a bridge between them (VIA the serial connections), and an access point for the rest of the intranet. What I need to do is setup the access point router so that depending on what IP address is comming in, it will designate with web server to go to. For example anything in the subnet: - 156 will go to router A to the designated web server, and anything in subnet: - 255 will go to router B to the designated web server. Everything is connected fine and talking to eachother, it's just making the access lists for the routing. I hope I made sence.

Thanx All!

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You need to use policy routing to make routing decisions based on the source address.

Since this sounds like a homework problem, I'm not going into any more detail.

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Barry Margolin

I'm not sure about IOS, but if it were PIXes then (6.3 or later) it could be handled as policy NAT of the destination address. (I haven't looked at IOS NAT for ~6 months; I believe the same thing could be done there starting from one of the 12.3 releases, but I wouldn't swear to it.)

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