Amount of flash simms in 3640

I have a 3640 with 16Mb Flash,

Is it possible (without opening the router) to see if there is only one 16Mb flash simm in the router or it are 2 x 8 Mb Flash Simms. Which command can give this information?

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Tom Pouce
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Hi Tom,

You may wish to investigate:

How to Determine the SIMM Configuration of a Cisco 3620 or 3640 Series Router:

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Hope this helps.

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Hey Brad -

That's a really cool procedure, but on my 3640s it shows the DRAM simm layout, not the flash simm layout, which is what the OP discussed. This procedure shows I've got 128meg of DRAM in four 32 meg banks, which is of course way too much to be the flash.

- Eric

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