1801 Router View Bandwidth via IOS?

1801 Router View Bandwidth via IOS?

Hi - We share an internet line with a number of other companies - we are all separated with an external IP address and a router. I support company A that has an 1801 router FE0 'outside interface' and FE1 'Inside Interface' sometimes net access become really slow and I would like to be able to check if there is abnormal net activity coming from my LAN so I can tell company B and C if it is not the company that I support is at fault. Is there anyway I can do this with the 1801 via IOS and not via the GUI ?

Many thanks for your help.

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sh interface

I like: conf t int xxxx load-interval 30

Then the "rate" shown by the sh int command is averaged over a more reasonable interval then the default 5 minutes. (It is not a linear average, if you want you can look it up, search for [exponential weighted average])

Unless you are doing Multilink ppp or esoteric eigrp you can change the load-interval without concern.

The best way to do the job is to enable snmp and then you can poll the interface counters say every second or two and get a nice graph.

getif.exe is not too great but is free and needs no configuration. Doesn't store the data.

mrtg is great and free but could be an effort to get going depending on where you are starting from.

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