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Hi. I have added a Cisco Aironet 1100 to our environment to work with Skype wireless phones. I would like to limit the bandwidth that the Aironet 1100 can consume so that the Skype phones do not slow down our network.

2801 Router ------ Catalyst 3550 ------- Aironet 1100

Does someone know how I could add a rule to our 2801 router to limit the bandwidth that the Aironet 1100 can take up? I don't think it is possible to add a rule on the Aironet 1100 itself to limit its bandwidth. I have also been trying to see if I could limit the bandwidth on the 3550 port which the Wifi access point is plugged into.

Thanks for any advice you can share, Tim

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You can't limit bandwidth on a port that I know of. You can put QoS in to prioritize or protect certain kinds of traffic, but I strongly discourage you to limit bandwidth to real-time applications like VoIP. In most cases, you protect that traffic to ensure call quality. If you still want to constrain the bandwidth, limit the amount of outgoing calls. LAN to LAN should have zero impact since VoIP is a very light bandwidth application, and the only thing you probably care about is WAN pipe usage. The last thing you want to do is limit VoIP bandwidth as a whole as all your calls will suck rather than just having a cut-off point where X calls work, but X+1 will not.

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There is no way to limit bandwidth on a port, although you can put QoS in your network to prioritize or protect latency or bandwidth needy applications. I would strongly recommend that you not constrict bandwidth on VoIP, as it would impact your calls. Additionally, VoIP does not have a ton of bandwidth requirements, and intra LAN calls should be a non-issue. If you do indeed want to cap the WAN or Internet pipe bandwidth that is used by VoIP, perhaps you should look to limit the total amount of external calls at any given time. This would ensure that X calls are protected and allocated enough bandwidth to not be choppy, while ensuring that X+1 calls is not allowed as it cuts into a level of bandwidth that you want to reserve. I'm not sure if Skype has that feature or not (I know Cisco VoIP gateways, etc, do). All in all, cutting VoIP bandwidth as a whole can make all calls being horrible quality, when in essence all you want is to setup a threshold.

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You can limit your bandwidth on the 3550 with QoS. srr-queue bandwidth limit x x is a percentage of the port speed. you need to set up your class and policy maps first.

I agree with Trendkill's method. Cutting the bandwidth would hurt your call quality.

Details on the QoS here.

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Matt nickerson

here. This control would be only for a couple Skype phones. We have a VIOP system on a completely different gateway. I am concerned about not limiting the Skype phones because Skype will consume as much bandwidth as possible, and in turn, slow other network services. We have a generous 4MB of bandwidth. I figure I could limit the skype Wi-fi access point to 1 MB of bandwidth.

Thanks for the responses.

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