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I'm thinking about purchasing a Cisco 3620. I want it to talk to my

2514 router. I noticed that the 3620 are modular and some that are being sold on eBay are being sold with no modules, and just the two ports on the front. I'm guessing CONSOLE and AUTH? Does this mean that I can't connect that router to a switch? What if I wanted to? Would I have to get a seperate module to do that? Is there any configuration to made for that module, or is it pretty much just PNP?

Basically, just tell me what I need to make my 2514 router talk to a potential 3620 router with no add on features. Thanks!

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You will need an NM module of sorts. I have a 3620 in my lab and it has a NM-1E2W module in it which has 1 Ethernet Port and to 2 Wan Slots (which are empty at first).

Assuming that you have a AUI (Attachment Unit Interface - Has a cat5 socket on there) on your 2514, you could use the ethernet interface if you install an NM-1E2W in the 3620.

If not you will still need a NM-1E2W, and install a WIC-1T serial interface in one of the wan slots. You could then create a serial link between the two routers.

Sorry, it isnt P&P you will need to c> I'm thinking about purchasing a Cisco 3620. I want it to talk to my

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Thanks for all the info. I knew I had to configure both routers to work. I just wanted to know if the 3620 would automatically detect the module I put in it.

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Essentially yes - if a module is compatible with the platform (check the chassis specs on first) the detection usually happens in hardware - however, if the interfaces are exotic (voice for example) whether you can actually access and configure them may depend on the IOS featureset. Common ethernet and serial interfaces wouldn't (shouldn't) be a problem though.


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