RG-59 & Amplifier?

Quite so. Typo on my part.

Most people are not aware, that there used to be a channel 1 in North America, but it was reallocated, due to interference problems. The 50-54 MHz spectrum is now the 6 M amateur radio band.

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James Knott
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Yes, a rather interesting history behind Channel 1. For a bit more detail, go to and download "Whatever happened to Channel ?" Some other good downloads there, as well. Some pretty good stuff on the "Links" page, also.



James Knott wrote:

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Ed Nielsen

It is true that using 5-65 MHz as return channel will block several lowers channels on the cable. And indeed here it does that. But that's not too much of a problem, because those are generally to much used and there are lots of channels on the higher frequencies.

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Tomi Holger Engdahl

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Yup, I believe Electroline sells 2 version of this amp, but I haven't seen the 5-65mhz model before... I believe most that are on eBay are the 5-42 MHz version.

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