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Brady excel/word template for JET-33 and JET-30
Dear folk I am looking for Brady label template in excel/word format for JET-33 and JET-30-117-1 or JET-30-117-2 similar to Panduit template attached. I tried to customized but it took a lot of time...
Does anyone have a structured cabling system installation checklist to share?
I'm looking for a couple of different kinds of lists, initial survey forms, project planning needs, project start-up checklists, quality assurance, installation tracking forms and almost any other...
Does anyone know of links/resources for using the Fluke CableIQ tester, besides
Besides it's manual, would anyone know where to find straightforward instructions in how to use it's various features? Looking all over and not finding much. Thanks, Mac
Re: Is cat. 5e cable available in 50 pair, 100pair ?
Yes! 1X Technologies Wire & Cable makes 50pair cat5e and 100 pair. I've bought it from them. Go to
Re: Conduit Size & Cable Fill Capacity
> > Here is a conduit fill capacity table you can use: > > Dmitri, but it appears that most of the data on the table you linked to is incorrect, considering a maximum 40% fill of the conduit and cable...
Shielded RJ-45: Internal vs External Ground?
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my DSP 4300 remote fails load cal
when calibrating the permananert link adapters on my DSP 4300, the main unit passes the open,short,load portions of the tests, but thte remote fails load cal. any thoughts whats bad?
Does anyone have a source for ABS Type Approved, LSZH multi-paired Cat 5e or Cat
Does anyone have a source for ABS Type Approved, LSZH multi-paired Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables? I'm looking for a 25 and 50 pair.
Complete information of Cat5e Plenum?
If anyone goes to market for purchasing Cat5e Plenum cable it should know at least some basic information about the features of this Cable. Like: 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, 24 AWG...
Cat5e Plenum Rated Solid 350 Mhz UTP 1000ft Bulk Cable
LOW VOLTAGE SOURCE offers a complete range of Cat5e Solid Plenum Rated cable with enhanced voice, data and security capabilities. This high performance bulk cable is perfect for your home and office...
Get Upto 7% Discount On All Network Cables With Free Shipping
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Condux Fiber Optic Blower 08761306 for sale
Hi! I have "Condux Fiber Optic Blower 08761306" for sale on ebay. 2 more days before auction is close. here is the link: Bidding!!...
Keystone Jack / Serial Phone Coupler
Keystone jacks aren't designed to allow that, so that is why you are getting static (and probably no data will work at all in that setup). A pro would rip out all the daisy-chained wire, and wire...
About the Cat 7 cable
Definition: A local area network (LAN) supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other such as in an office building, a school, or a home. A LAN is useful for...
Cable Trays Manufacturers
is this available now?