RG-1000 connection problem with RG Setup Utility


I can not connect to RG-1000 using its RG Setup utility. I am successfully using AP Manager, but I can't get dialup connection to work so I would like to try it with RG Setup. RG-1000 is configured with ip address of, no NAT. Trying to connect with RG Setup I get an error "Can not find RG with given Network Name, check the Network Name on the bottom of the unit". I just don't know what is the right procedure. Do I have to use wired connection? My Network Name is OK, I read it from the label on the RG-1000.

I have first used AP Manager and uploaded the software, I have changed the network name to match the name from the label ID, set the encryption key to last 5 digits from the ID and everything worked OK. But I just can't get the connection with RG Setup. I have no firewall software installed on my machine (Windows XP). I am using the newest version (v1.92) of RG Setup Utility.

Any help/suggestions/advice?


Dejan Gambin

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Dejan Gambin
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