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We have a data centre here in our building. I'm looking for some good information on how to install/maintain the structured wiring for the DC. Can anyone provide any good whitepapers or links to tips?



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Dave Walsh
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APC has lots of great info on data centers. Here is their page that you want to check out:

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It is, obviously, heavy on UPSes and all things power due to their specialty in that, but you'll find lots of useful info on racks, cabling, cost of ownership etc. Good place to start. Good luck!

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Label, label, label! Document, document document! Stay neat and tidy. Hire me to do it. *grins*


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Dale Farmer

I worked briefly for a company, where the boss had an aversion to documentation. He actually discouraged us from documenting our work.

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James Knott

I don't have any really good suggestions but I'd get the FlexTray catalog for pictures and possibly product and maybe conteact them for info.

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Also contact the manufacturers of CATx parts and ask if they have any planning info.

If you have a major vendor (HP, IBM) providing the big systems they have planning documents that will give you clues about the infrastructure they expect.

IMO people don't pay enough attention to power distribution when they are doing their first installation.

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Al Dykes

How cabling is routed avoids what should be trivial problems, as demonstrated in an IEEE paper from Montandon and Rubinstein in the IEEE Transactionson on Electromagnetic Compatibility of 4 Nov 1998 entitled "Some Observations on the Protection of Buildings Against the Induced Effects of Lightning". They summarize:

Demonstrated by Montandon and Rubenstein is also done for other reasons. Nothing above is comprehended without either those figures or previous knowledge of the principles.

Sun Microsystems also demonstrates principles in "Planning guide for Sun Server room". For example, this routinely understood principle for cabling should be known to anyone setting up a data center:

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Section 5.4.7

Provided are the 'of course' examples that any serious data center planner knows. If this > We have a data centre here in our building. I'm looking for some good

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