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Congratulations on getting your problem fixed. I am unfortunate to live in Sunnyvale, CA, where we get the worse cable service in the world from Comcast. Out of the two years I've been with Comcast, I have been down for an accumulated total of 6 months. I you have a problem with your service, there is no one to contact except the country-wide 800 number. They, unfortunately, have no knowledge about any outages in the your area, so their response is to always roll out a truck, which can take up to 2 weeks. Once the truck arrives, if the problem is not your modem or not in the box outside your house, they have to call in a line tech, and that can take up to two more weeks. Then the finger pointing begins. The line tech crew will eventually leave you a recorded message that the problem is resolved, even if it isn't, and then you have to start all over again with the 800 number and start from scratch. So, every outage I've had has taken 3 months to get fixed. The only way I've gotten any connection problem fixed was by getting the City of Sunnyvale chamber of commerce to contact comcast, and then my problems get fixed in about 2 days. (It has always turned out to be a bad amplifier somewhere up the line) That seems to be their standard operating procedure, even with the "New" kindler and gentler comcast. If I could get DSL in my area, I would jump in a second. I use my internet connection for work, so dial up is out of the question. My service went out again 2 days ago, and I'm starting another round of finger pointing. The amount of money they are pouring down the drain to fix each problem must be stagerring. They certainly, even with their high rates, have not made a profit from me yet.

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It seems that the only reasonable approach to your problem is to contact your franchising authority each time with a complete record of your attempts to get the problem fixed, and then to ask someone to schedule considering a change of cable company when the current franchise expires. That, at least, would get their attention.

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