My cable modem is down

I recently woke up finding my cable modem would not show "online" and no combination of power off/on would resolve the problem. I called comcast.. they tried to run their modem diagnostics with no results. They said they had to send a tech. Sort of what I expected.... but they said a day SEVEN DAYS away!! This is unacceptable! I went over to Circuit city and bought a $35 new cable modem and called them back to configure it.... still no joy. The problem was in the cable but most certainly not on my property. I have all new cable installed (the heavy stuff) on a 'home run' directly to my modem!

No amount of cajoling would move them from their 7 day scenario. I figured I would have to pester them every day until it got fixed. The next day I went to my computer room and .. guess what... my modem was online! I called them to find out why.. they had marked my call complete but did not bother to call me that they had received a number of other calls in a pattern and it had led them to repair the problem.

This scenario really upsets me when I consider what I pay for access to a public property. Service when they feel like it and total lack of personal services or even common curtesy.

Frustrated, Chuck

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chuck maier
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Local governmental officials cannot do a thing unless there is a franchise agreement in place, and even then it is doubtful that they can move the franchisee. The franchisee has, typically, a free hand and are accountable only during the next franchise renewall period which might be years in the future.

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Some cities do have some hold on the cable companies. Fort Worth routinely fines Charter if they don't live up to the mandates regarding customer service, and telephone response. If your city doesn't do this, then mobilize other users to correct the matter through the political process.

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Ron Hunter

Call your local public officials and complain. We here can offer no help other to tell you what to do...and do you REALLY want that! Some else telling you what to do!

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f/f george

Par for the course for Comcast. Next time, type into a browser window. That's the cable modem diagnostics local address. If there's activity, the problem is you. If no activity, it's Comcast and someone else probably called too. Wait a day. It usually comes back.

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