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I've had DSL for several years, but am moving soon to an area where I can subscribe to Cox Cable service. Can one usually buy independent cable modems for use with the cable, or (like DSL) are the cable modems very specific to specific services?


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Wayne Boatwright
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Before buying a modem, call Cox and get a list of supported modems for your area.

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Jim Rusling

And if you buy one and have problems, be prepared for that MI type of response to any issues. "Cox Cable disavows any knowledge of problems with your service." "It's your modem, you fix it."

May not be the case but be prepared.

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I have never had that problem with Cox. I did have to replace my modem once because it got flaky when Cox increased there speed. There is also a lot of help from other Cox users in the internal news groups.

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Jim Rusling

Just buy a Motorola SB5100 or SB5120 (available everywhere) and everyone will be happy. The main thing you want to look for is that it is DOCSIS

1.1 or 2.0 compliant.


Ed N.

Wayne Boatwright wrote:

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Ed Nielsen

Each cable ISP has a list of modems that it accepts, but the list is usually quite long, and the Motorola SB1xx modems seem to be on all of them - probably because ithey're DOCSIS 2.0 compliant and they're trouble-free (mine has been working fine for 9 months, so far). They stand vertically, and the convection cooling is adequate to keep them relatively cool - contributing to longlife.


"Ed Nielsen" wrote:

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Timothy Daniels

Following up to my own post...

Thanks, everyone, for your responses. You've given me some direction.

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