Moving DSL jack to different area of house - please help

The wall in which my DSL jack is currently located (since 1999) is going to be knocked out for some remodeling work. As long as that's happening we want to relocate the jack to another side of the house.

Who can do this? Any wiring savvy person or electrician? The company that owns our phone lines (Bell South) is clueless - they keep referring my inquiries to their DSL provider tech support. I keep telling them that "I don't need help in logging on or sending e-mail,

---I want a wire physically moved---), but it's like talking to a box of rocks. (Bell South is not my DSL provider - Earthlink is)

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Any savvy person or electrician should be more than able to. All you need to do is either re-route the wiring or run wiring from the network interface to the new location. Wire up a jack and you're good to go. You could do it yourself if you're handy with wiring or if it's complicated interior wiring and you don't want to make a mess of things hiring an electrician to do it for you would work. Of course you'll pay the contractor whatever his hourly rate is to do the work. It's likely that they're familiar with doing this sort of work as it's within the scope of what electricians do. They don't necessarily only work with 110/220/440 three phase wiring or wire up house drops.

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You can do it as the wiring is very simple. If you want the phone company to do it, don't say you want a DSL jack moved instead tell them you want a phone jack moved.

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