Swapt Cable/DSL AP to ADSL ?

Dear all, my woman bough it mistakenly without knowing difference of Cable & ADSL !!! what can I say ??? now I have a LINKSYS WAP54G cannot be used(only open case) is there anyone also with similar case (got an ASDL but at cable area ?) want to swap (AP not woman !) either a wired/wireless ADSL router (or AP only) thanks

p.s. even I have NTL line, but no broadband available at this area !!! waiting years.. still don't know when !!! jlin@NO_SPANntlword.com (remove NO_SPAN)

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JH Lin
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But the WAP54G is just ethernet so will work behind any cable or DSL router.

You already have an AP only in the form of the WAP54G

I'm going to presume you're in the UK. Have you looked at

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to see the trigger level for your exchange?


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David Taylor

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