Would like to move my DSL computer from downstairs to upstairs

When DSL was first installed in the house, the installer put a separate jack in the wall in a downstairs home office which is where it's been for five years now.

Now we want to relocate the office (including PC) to an upstairs room. Was I told correctly that the DSL modem can be plugged into any phone jack in the house? (There is a jack in the upstairs room already) Do I need to purchase a filter or any other sort of hardware to attach to the line? (I do not want to pull wires through the wall unless there is no way to avoid it)

Would appreciate a pointer to any websites or FAQ's that might help.


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Bob Danielson wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news.charter.net:

It's possible that the DSL is a seperate line all the way back to the phone company central office. It doesn't sound to me like DSL is on all your phone jacks. It won't hurt anything to move the modem temporarilly upstairs and plug it into the phone jack there and see if it works. The modems I've seen have a DSL light on them that blinks for a minute or two when you first plug the modem in and then glows steady. If your modem is like that you don't even need a computer to see if it works. If the light quits blinking after a minute or two you hae DSL sync and your service will work there. If it just keeps blinking for ever there is no DSL signal at that jack and some rewiring will need to be done.

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Given the timeframe of the original installation and the fact that you mention that a *separate* jack was installed for the DSL modem, I'm going to speculate that a splitter was installed at the NID and a separate "home run" was placed to the new jack.

This means that the *only* jack in the house that has DSL on it is the jack in the office. Do you use micro-filters on the other outlets in your house? If no, then a splitter/home run was definitely installed.

Another quick way to check this out would be to take the DSL modem upstairs and plug it in and see if it will synch up.

You may need to install a new home run or at least rewire the upstairs outlet into a homerun.

Good luck!


-- John Dearing A+, Network+

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