move from Cox cable to AT&T DSL

I was one of the first to get a cable modem and internet service with the @Home service. Cox Cable took over the service and it was very fast and reliable for many years. Early in 2005 my modem started to disconnect at seemingly random times. It started to get so bad that it would drop the link at least once or twice a day. Sometimes for hours! Cox sent out a tech twice, replaced my modem with different models twice, ran a direct line to my modem. Finally they gave me a phone number to call to get into direct contact with a tech in the main office so I could report each outage as it occurred. The bottom line is that after more than a year of unreliable service I have cancelled my Cox Cable internet and replaced it with AT&T Yahoo DSL. I can only assume that Cox is trying to do too much with their cable; Analog TV, Digital TV, Video on Demand, Internet, and Telephone. When I would call the tech in the main office to report an outage he would often tell me that my whole street was down. They never could figure it out. I am very happy with my new DSL service. It is at least as fast as the cable and so far, no outages. This morning's speed test reports: Download = 4.974 Mbps Upload = 641.64 kbps. The DSL service is guaranteed to be between 3 and 6 Mbps and so far, it is great!

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John Calif
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