x10 Alternatives.

I bought an x10 system quite some time ago with the pc transmitter, 3
cameras, remote, and have it hooked up using gotcha software. It works ok
but the XCam2 color camera quality isn't very good. So I was thinking of
trying the night watch low light X10 B&W camera to see if that helps with
the image clarification. Would I be better off trying another camera to hook
up to my system? I'm using a ATI Radeon RCA video-in card with the gotcha
software. I don't wish to spend more than 50 on a camera and would like it
to have RCA and be small. Thanks for any ideas.
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After searching around I found this camera which seems pretty nice. It's got IP hookup with Internet access. Anyone seen or used one of these?
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I'd love to hear about it if you go ahead and try one.
I bought some simpler cameras, one wireless and one wired:
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which work fine except !) I could never get the wireless one working on wireless so both are now working on Ethernet, and 2) I needed to install Asian language support to stop getting error messages when viewing the cameras.
I'd really like to have pan and tilt too, so please hurry and buy one of those so that you can tell me whether to chance my own money too :-)
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