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Hey all, I am new to Home Automation/x10 and wanted to know where to start? I was on the website and they have some great bundles, but is there more to it than just replacing light switches, installing a control panel and hooking everything up to be controlled by my computer? Basically, here's what I want to do. I want to be able to automate across the internet my lights, some appliances, watch my cameras from in home/remotely, (I was looking at the floodlight cam for my back yard, and 3 xcam2's (car port, front door, back door), motion detection through out my house and yard. (I have a nice house in a bad neighborhood). So, since this seems to be rather inexpensive (relatively), is this the way I want to go?

Thanks! Kelly

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Kelly Wilkins
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X-10 cameras aren't your best choice. Their resolution sucks. I figure you're just aiming to throw your money away if you're leaning towards the "cheap" or "inexpensive" side for that. For cameras you can view in your regular browser, have a look at

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They offer a wide range of "mid-priced" solutions that should "fit the bill". There are tons of links to other web enabled surveillance cameras.
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is pretty popular. And they have even (on occasion) had better pricing on X-10 than say "X-10"... :-)

As for controlling your lights, etc., X-10 still remains one of the more popular automation solutions with lots of gear and support out there.

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