X10 - NightWatch2 Black & White Low-Light Video Camera (SC23A)

Does anyone have experience with the NightWatch2 Black & White Low-Light Video Camera (SC23A) from X10?

I am considering using one or more to cover back patio and driveway. Wondering:

  1. Is the quality is good in low light? I normally have back patio and front driveway lights on at night.
  2. Are the cameras washed out if there is a light in their field of view? I suspect these might be rendered useless if they are too sensitive to light sources, as some cameras wash out.
  3. Is the quality better than the wireless X10 cameras? I had good luck with 2 wireless units, but only when the antennas were pointed carefully and the receiver was very close (within 30 feet).

Thanks for any thoughts! "wired in Wisconsin"

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it sucks bigtime, your better off with the wide-eye color camera for low light. even better is the swann baby watch cam, cheaper too.

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