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I recently moved into a home with an old M&S Model 350 intercom. The
Speakers all seem to work ok, but the master unit is in bad shape. It
doesn't turn off the program/set time buttons do not work.
I found the DCM3-4 unit online as a retrofit replacement. This looks
like it'll work, but everything I see regarding the installation
indicates that I have to replace ALL the Speaker stations as well.
After inspecing one of the speaker I'm puzzled as to why. The unit is
extremely simple, the speaker with a switch to toggle between a
speaker and mic setting.
Can anyone tell me why you would make the old speaker incompatible with
the old system.
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That is correct. The old room station speakers are not compatible with the new DCM3-4 system.
It's just the way they designed the new system. A cynical person might be inclined to believe they just wanted to sell more new stations. I spoke to my M&S rep and he seems to think that's the reason, too. If you need help configuring a setup, feel free to contact me. I carry M&S though I haven't put all of the components online yet.
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Robert L. Bass
True, M&S does use 45-Ohm speakers. 45-Ohm "speaker only" stations from the old system can be used with the new system. However, anything with "talk" / "listen" buttons will need to be replaced. I spoke with M&S tech support and they confirm this.
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Robert L. Bass
One answer might be, emphasis on the "might," is that some systems use 45ohm speakers and some use 4ohm speakers. Will this be a show stopper? Maybe. It depends on amp power, etc. If it were me, I would get a schematic of the new, and if you can, the old, and go from there.
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