Connecting an ADSL gateway to an ethernet port that connects to a patch panel


Here is some background information:

Each Windows XP workstation in the office is connected to an ethernet port in the wall that connects to a patch panel located in a back room.

In the back room, there is an SDSL modem that is connected to a router. The router is plugged into a switch. Each port on the patch panel is connected to the other ports on the switch and thus Internet access is distributed to the workstations.


The SDSL modem is going to be removed and replaced with an ADSL gateway. The phone line that shares the ADSL connection is not in the back room, but near a workstation's ethernet wall port.

In order to continue sharing the Internet connection, I need to connect the ADSL gateway to the router.

I thought of two less than ideal solutions:

  1. Physically move the ADSL phone line jack to the back room and plug the ADSL gateway into the router

  1. Extend a long cat5 cable across the office connecting the two devices

Is the following workaround feasible:

- Disconnect workstation 1 (nearest the ADSL gateway) from its wall port connection - Plug the ADSL gateway into workstation 1's wall port connection - In the back room, re-wire the patch panel for workstation 1 to plug into the router (instead of the switch) - Plug workstation 1 directly into the ADSL gateway

Thanks, Michael

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Yes but that workstation's traffic will be using the router's switch for local things. May not mater but...

How about the phone wiring. Is there a phone wire path from the ADSL modem location to the switch? If so and not all the pairs are used, you can feed the DSL signal (after your filter/splitter) down that to the switch area and keep things mostly as they are now.

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As I understand it, you have a DSL line connected to network in a back room. The new DSL connection comes out at a wall location away from the back room.

1) Place the new ADSL modem on top of the old SDSL modem, then remove the network patch cable that plugs into the old modem and plug it into the new modem. 2) Dicconnect the DSL phone line from the jack the old modem is plugged into. Grab that spare pair in the back room and connect it to the jack you just unwired. 3) At the office location, wire the ADSL line to a spare pair in the office phone cable.

If you are using the dial tone side of that new ADSL line for something, like a fax located at the office location, you'll connect the pairs ahead of the filter and send it back on th ephone's spare pair to the back room.

If you are using the dial tone for something else and want to terminate it in the back room, just send the whole new ADSL line down the spare pair to the back room and place your filter there.

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