What is the actual SBC DSL Price?


I'm interested in getting DSL, but I am confused about the prices. The cheapest service I found was SBC Yahoo! DSL for $26.95. But it says there are additional monthly fees. What are those?

Also, it says in the terms that the normal price will be in effect after the one year term ends. Is it $49.95 a month after?

Basically, I am asking for the actual, total cost of SBC Yahoo! DSL. Hopefully someone has this service on this newsgroup can inform me. And what it would cost after the one year term ends.

And if there are other cheap DSL providers, I would appreciate info about them, too.

Thank you for your time.

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There are some government mandated fees which the government prohibits the telcos from calling "taxes", even though a government mandated fee is a tax. They don't have to be collected from the customer, but they must be paid. The telcos usually list them as "additional fees" in order to advertise a lower price for the connection. I don't know if those also apply to cablecos; possibly only to telcos.

Yes; for the Basic $26.95 a month package. Keep an eye out at the end of your year; in some SBC regions they will let you renew the one-year contract for $26.95 a month.

I don't handle the bill, so I don't see the mandated fee. I believe it is still under $29.99 a month with the fee. If you are so fortunate as to have an opportunity to renew the one-year contract, your price should not go up.

I am not aware of anybody undercutting SBC DSL; but there are some competitive packages out there.

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I just (two months ago) turned on their 5-static service. So far I've seen the advertised cost only, $54.95 per month. They did zing me for a $250 tech visit, but in the end I'm not sure that was a bad deal; the router they gave me has a 250 page manual and I don't run M$ on my boxes so their "autoinstall" stuff won't work. When the tech left I _knew_ the router was working, after that it was my problem.

Interestingly, I registered three domains in .com, .org and .net at the same time, with the understanding that I'd run my own nameservers. They have not yet charged me for the domain registration. (admittedly, I've not yet got the nameservers working either!).

No idea at this point, but by the time a year elapses the terms will probably change 8-)

bob prohaska

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bob prohaska

After the year anything could happen, because things change faster than that. For example I got 6 meg service at a "once-in-a-lifetime" cheap-o guaranteed to never to go up price even though everyone else would have to pay twice as much for the same thing and guess what - here it is many months later and anyone can still get the very same deal.

I am using DSL Extreme. Right now they are selling DSL for $21.95 a month for the first year. They are most likely losing a little money that, but after the year the price goes up...

As for extra charges, I have the 6 meg service for $59.95 a month and the only additional thing they add is a $2.21 Federal Universal Service Charge for an actual total monthly cost of $62.16. No other taxes at all even though I'm in the same state they are (California).

Billy Y..

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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (dg) wrote in news:8c17d315.0410241241.3815f625 @posting.google.com:

Yes, the normal price would be $49.95 per month.

So far I have not heard of SBC raising prices after the one year term ends. My sister's rate has actually gone down. She started at $29.95 per month about 2.5 years ago, she now pays $26.95 per month. My SBC DSL service just dropped in price this month, from $29.95 to $26.95, and my one year term ended at the end of May, 2004.

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Some One

In 2001 we started on Pacbell DSL for $39.95 per month. At the end of the year they raised it to $49.95 per month. It sat there until I got wind of their special deal for "loyal" customers, and took the one-year contract for $26.95 per month.

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Hi Norman,

I am in the same boat.

How did you get the "loyal customer" price reduction? What number did you call, or what website did you surf to? Also, do you still have "vintage" DSL or did they force you to upgrade to SBC Yahoo DSL?

Thanks, Mark

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