Dead SBC Yahoo DSL Modem - What Is Best Option?


We have had SBC DSL for about 4 years and have been using the same modem we received it our original self-installation kit. It is a SpeedStream 5260 and always worked fine.

Last night, I came home and realized I could not connect to the web. I looked down for the modem (it was on rack with the PC) and all four lights were solid red. I reached down and touched the modem and was suprised half of it's case was so hot it almost burned my hand had I left it there.

I turned it off for 15 minutes and then back on.. no matter what I did, I couldn't get the ATM light to come on and the DSL light just flashed. So, I turned it off and disconnected it.

I then discovered the side that wasn't face me had MELTED from the heat and you could see inside the modem itself. Clearly, this sucker was dead. I am glad I caught it before there was a fire!

In any event, I just called SBC tech support assuming that after paying for their service for several years they would simply send me a replacement modem and I would send back the defective one.

NOPE. Since my modem is more than 1 year old, they will only SELL me one and wanted me to call their "DSL Store" to place an order.

I have a friend who had a spare modem for me to borrow so I am using that while I decide how to proceed. I assume SBC isn't the lowest price place. Will any DSL model do?

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Call SBC, and ask if you can renew your 1 year contract. If they agree (the should), then ask if they can also send you a free modem with the renewal. It never hurts to try, and this has worked for others. You might have to pay $50 +shipping, but get a $50 rebate coupon.

You can get a 5100b at BestBuy (the SBC install kit). Or you can pick one up for around $20-35 at eBay.

Most ADSL modems should work. The SBC setup is pretty standard.

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Neil W Rickert

My SpeedStream 5360 has started getting erratic after several years of use, and when I talked to SBC about getting a replacement a couple weeks ago, they offered me either another SS modem (at $100) or a "combo" router/modem w/wireless (at $150). Whichever one I take, they said I'd get a $100 credit on my bill, AND my current $37/month DSL charge would drop to $30/month, as long as I signed up for another year of service.

John Jones, Detroit

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