I *did* install the SBC Yahoo! DSL software, but on a Mac

I am well aware of the horrors of installing the SBC Yahoo! DSL bundled software under Windows. I, however, did so on a Mac running OS X. From what I can tell, the installation merely added an 'SBC Yahoo! DSL' Ethernet port configuration to the Network control panel, and a PPPoE driver. (I use neither, as my router handles the PPPoE login.) Should I be worried about anything else?

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Yeechang Lee
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Yeechang Lee wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@pobox.com:

I can't say anything about a Mac but I didn't install any SBC software on my Windoze machines. Like you I have a router to handle the PPPoE stuff so the SBC software wasn't even needed on my Win98 machine. The only problem I see in your setup is you now have unneeded software and I don't like having unneeded software on my machines.

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Some One

Was a title bar added to your browser? I typically use Linux, but in Win98se I removed everything except the Yahoo title bar. Nothing (except a new enough browser) is needed to log into sbc.yahoo.com. Or I can log in from XP on my new PC or at work without any SBC Yahoo software.

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David Efflandt

That sounds about right. The Mac software is ok. It doesn't have any of the phone home features of the windows product.

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Bob R. Kenyon

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