SDSL Modem/Router Recommendations?

The old Speedstream 5851 that Speakeasy supplied with my SDSL circuit finally crapped itself. I'm wondering if I should replace it with identical equipment or not.

Speakeasy directly supports the Speedstream 5851, the Netopia R7200-T and the Netopia 4652-T (meaning their people know how to program them when necessary), but says anything that supports SDSL over ATM (RFC

1483) should be fine.

Does anyone here have any feelings about the relative capabilities and performance of those three (all of which can be had cheaply on eBay)? What about other options?

Capabilities are probably the largest concern, as my requirements /are/ a little unusual and the config I conjured up with the 5851 took some doing...

I have a Speakeasy -allocated /28 subnet that I'm using for most of my Internet visibility, AND I'm simultaneously using NAT and PAT into my LAN (192.168.n.n) through the 5851's WAN IP, AND I'm using the firewall functions to guard the traffic in and out of the /28.

So whatever I get has to be able to do all that!

Thanks for any advice,

-Brad brad dott berson att rectaltronics dottt com

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Joe User
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Joe User wrote on 11/30/2005 2:20 PM:

SDSL never really had a standard. Go with what you know works.


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