residential dsl service at office building

My local phone company and all their partners charge 2.5x for bussiness DSL over their residential plans. They sent me a letter telling me to call them and have my service reconfigured with a better benifits package at the same price, well what happened was they said their current rate was a accident, and I either downgrade my existing service plan to get my old price, or pay $25 more for my current service plan. They say that I have no written agreement with them and any verbal agreement with any reprentative is not listened to.

This is the last straw with SBC/SNET. I can find residential adsl packages that have 2x the speed and 1/2 the money. Now I have this service for a suite/office in a multi-tenent office building. I dont need business plans, first SBC/SNET doesnt give SLAs, has many service outages, no benifit of a bussiness plan over a residential and gives me a PPPOE line on a bussiness plan.

I dont do any web serving or run any servers (is RealVNC count as web serving?), I am basically the only user of the line and I am not there

24/7, and I dont have 40 stock traders working from their desks 24/7 over my dsl line.

Now I want to get a residential service plan from some non-SBC/SNET ISP. Do ISPs refuse to service a address in a office building with a residential plan? If I order a self install, if the ISP find out will they cancel my service? Can I argue my way with it? Can a business location get a residential line?

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This is an oft-repeated story. Check for some other alternatives to SBC in your area. For example,

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George Pontis

It's done for historical reasons. The idea was the business customers subsidize the residential to keep the residential rates lower. The demarcation is almost usually based on location. Your options are limited unless a small local ISP will give you a break. But they also have to pay more for the use of business lines than residential.

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