ADSL with fiber in the loop


I need advice on how to overcome this problem.

I have been told that since there is fiber in the loop I cannot have an ADSL connection.

My senses tell me that there has to be a way, however I am not too strong on telecom, so I need advice before I take up the issue with higher autorities.

btw: this is happening in suny Egypt..

TIA, KHaled.

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I have 5 km of fiber in my loop (to the Central Office), and got ASDL about 1 year ago.

I had to wait until ADSL equipment was installed at my RT (Remote Terminal) about 1 km away where the fiber ends and signal is transferred onto copper.

I'm in sunny and _humid_ Houston!

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

Khaled schrieb:

That can be a problem. If you have fiber on the last mile then it can be a problem. ADSL is a copper technology.

Here in Germany we have a lot of bigger houses which have "fiber to the house". ISDN and POTS channels can be connected there but NO ADSL.


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Wolfgang Barth

Don't they give you the internet over fiber? Here in the US, Verizon is starting to install fiber to the house (not in my area of New Jersey though :( ) and speeds are supposed to start at 5 to 6 MB and go upward.

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Lewis wrote in news:

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That brings a real smile to my face.. I don't know if there is a single connection in Egypt that is beyond 2mbps, except possibly some isp's. As to fiber to the premise, mybe by 2020...

I would love to have such a connection.. Just think of all the real time streaming dvd's and other stuff.. I would never have to leave home !! LOL..

Regards, KHaled.

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They do not. Most of this fiber to the curb or basement stuff was installed in eastern Germany the early 1990s, when, after the reunification, suddenly everybody wanted a phone line. They (Deutsche Bundespost and their post market-liberation successor Deutsche Telekom) promised to offer high speed data connection and digital TV over these lines in the near future.

They never did. All you can get throught fiber is ISDN (and no ISP offers ISDN-Flatrates for Telekom customers in Germany anymore, but that is another story). They claim that developing a product for marketing high speed data connections over these optical lines will not give enough revenue to justify the investment. Hard to believe that, since

1.8 million subscribers are affected.


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