I am at my wits end!

I am at my wits end guys!!

I have a Paradyne 6381 A2 200 DSL Modem and I have NTS DSL. I also have a Netgear WGR614 v3 router.

I want to be able to connect my wireless router but I plug the DSL Modem out into the netgear uplink, and nothing. It won't obtain an IP, nothing. I called the ISP and they said if you touch the modem's settings it will be $150 to send a technician out! They offered no other help.

I tried to create a New Connection in the router's settings to use DHCP and it won't obtain an IP from the DSL.

All I can do is set it to Bridge.

I want the DSL Modem to NAT to my Netgear which will NAT again :-D. Or if it can be a bridge, I want it to bridge to my Netgear.

I just need a firewall guys!!! The router even includes a firewall but my ISP won't tell me how to set it up. I don't get it. I thought they would support the modem!


:-\ Thanks Guys

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If you connect a PC directly to the Paradyne, what do you do to get that to connect, just DHCP for the ethernet, or any software? A clue might be the output from 'ipconfig /all' (or winipcfg in Win9x/ME).

If it is a modem/router that gives your PC a private DHCP IP, etc., it might be limited to giving out only 1 IP by default. So you might need to power down the modem for awhile before connecting in to your router WAN. Or you could try cloning the MAC of the PC nic on the WAN of your router so the modem will think it is the same machine.

For example my ISP now supplies modem/router that only gives out 1 IP by default. But the DHCP lease expire time is 10 miniutes, so if a different PC or router was connected to it, it could get an IP within 10 minutes, even if the modem was not power cycled.

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