forgive me for my stupidity, but how does upnp help me?


I was just wondering how uPNP helps me?

I have Windows XP and a UPNP Router and UPNP DSL Modem but I still have problems sending files with MSN Messenger and AOL Messenger

so if UPNP doesn't help me send files thru a firewall, then whats the point? i don't get it


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Are you sure uPnP is activated on the router? It doesn't always default to activated.

Are you sure you have the services turned on in your computer? In addition to uPnP, there's also a discovery service that needs to be on.

Finally, do you have a software firewall running? Not all firewalls listen to uPnP.

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Clark W. Griswold, Jr.

It allows anything whether good or bad to control your firewall. The first thing I do is turn it off...

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If you have anything bad on your side of the router, turning off UPnP is futile. If you don't have anything bad on your side of the router, leaving UPnP on is helpful in some cases.

I have it on. Nothing bad on my side of the router. Nothing from the Internet side can access my router for UPnP control.

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The problem that you have could be related to the MTU size, as your ISP is AOL, change MTU to 1400....

Should work.

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