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Today, we are releasing cFosSpeed v1.08 for Internet acceleration. cFosSpeed can be downloaded at

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cFosSpeed provides genuine acceleration for surfing the web (Internet tuning) and downloading files by means of Traffic Shaping. Prioritizing the different data streams yields higher transfer rates. See
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for details.


- Advanced Traffic Shaping - Compatible to conventional DSL/PPPoE drivers - Traffic Shaping for routers, LAN and USB DSL-modems - Automatic router detection - Self-calibrating - Optimized dial-up connections

What's new:

This is a maintenance release with extended language support and bugfixes.

Get your cFosSpeed here:


Our WWW (world wide web) site :

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Our FTP server :



There are two mailing-lists on cFos. One is for discussion and the other solely for the announcement of new cFos versions. Find out more about it here:

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