Simple netgear wifi setup? WGR614

Hello, I am completely stuck...

I have a DSL ethernet modem (not netgear) which is working fine when connected straight to my laptop via ethernet.

I bought the WGR614 v6 a few days ago but I cannot get it to work with my modem. I can't understand why it should be so hard, simply for it to accept the live ethernet connection with my modem and forward it on, either wirelessly or by its own ethernet ports. I know little about all the configuration stuff it's asking...

Firstly, my product didn't come with a CD - was this important?

I downloaded the guide instead and I was able to connect to the wireless router config, no problem.

Then I followed the setup wizard for the modem. The wizard said it detected an internet connection, but every time it came to test a webpage, it tried and failed to bring up this page:

formatting link

- the page couldn't be displayed. No other web pages worked either. (this isn't even wiFi)

I tried to setup the basic settings - but I didn't understand if the netgear router was supposed to hold my ISP username/password or not. (my modem holds the details and automatically connects to the internet so why should the wireless router know anything about it?)

I tried both inputting all my ISP username details, and also tried not doing it. It didn't make any difference.

I don't understand if I'm supposed to enter a dynamic or static IP address or DNS servers. I presumed my modem took care of all that. Either way, nothing worked.

From my ISP, I've been given the following details to set up my modem:

Virtual Circuit Identifier - VCI 38 Virtual Path Identifier - VPI 0 Encapsulation Mode VCMux Authentication Type CHAP Protocol RFC 2364: PPP over ATM (PPPoA) Modulation Type G.DMT or Auto Tiscali Primary DNS Server Tiscali Secondary DNS Server

My modem works fine, of course! But how can I get the wireless netgear product to work with it correctly? ANd I don't even see a reset button on the back to take it back to default settings.

(also, one thing I tried resulted in a page saying - looking for internet connection and the page permanently was stuck in a loop, kept reloading itself as the hard drive was accessed. -I'm on a newly installed windows XP SP2 installation)

Hopefully you can help because I don't know where else to turn, especially as Netgear won't offer me support over the phone because I bought it as a refurbished product.

Oh also... I've read stuff on the internet, like set the modem to bridge mode and other stuff. So God knows what I might be missing. But where am I going wrong in simply connecting an adsl modem to this wireless router? Didn't realise it could be so complicated...



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On 31 Jan 2007 12:29:01 -0800, "Phillip" wrote in :

Does your DSL connection require PPPoE? In your laptop?

Again, if your DSL connection requires PPPoE, you probably need a userid and password to enable a PPPoE connection.

Might well be.

That's normally handled by PPPoE or sometimes by DHCP, not the modem.

Ahhh ... PPPoA (not PPPoE). Configures differently, like a dial-up connection. See and "PVC Encapsulation -- RFC 2684" in

How is the network connection in your computer set up when connecting directly to the DSL modem?

That's covered in the manual.

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