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I have a brand new Dell E1705 laptop with the dell 1390 wireless card. I also have a USB netgear 108mbps high speed card to use at the house. Problem is this, when I use the netgear usb wireless works great at lightning speeds....but when i switch over to the dell card speeds starts out great at

54 mbps but within 5 minutes speed drops down to 18 then 14 then on and on sometimes reaching 1. It stays connected but you cant get on internet or get mail. Any ideas....the Dell people cant figure this out. Dont think it is a compatibility problem between the dell and netgear because this setup had worked well for the past 2 weeks.
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This sounds somewhat familiar.

I have a Thinkpad with a built in Intel Wireless. It connects to my very good Linksys G router at 54, which is as high as this built in unit can go. But - with anything less than an "excellent" signal, it quickly begins to lose speed and I've seen it go down to 11. With an "excellent" signal, it holds on, but still drops to 23 or 38 or whatever.

When I use my Linksys card, which is also a G SRX, it too gets 108. And stays at 108 no matter how many browser windows I open or how low the signal gets.

I think it's an issue of high quality hardware and mediocre quality hardware.


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The built-in wireless card should work OK on your home wireless LAN - why do you want to use the Netgear USB adapter?

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