help with 2Wire wireless DSL router

We have the 2Wire DSL wireless modem which is connected to computer #1 through Ethernet computer outlet. It works great. However, computer #2 which is in a different room and has a 2Wire USB adapter only gets connected (or stays connected) part of the time. I have spent hours on the phone with tech support and they say I am getting interference and it is my problem not theirs.

We also moved into a new house recently which has a central communications center. (all phone,cable, security is prewired) Can I use the Wireless

2Wire router as a Wired router? That way both computers would be hardwired -- or do I need to get another router for this to work. We do not have a laptop and we don't need wireless.

Any other ideas so that both computers can be always on.

Thanks. K~

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you can always add a cheap hub if you want to go wired but wireless should work

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