2WIRE SBC connection problems

What model 2wire? The model number is on the serial number tag on the bottom of the case.

You should not be using the USB connection for connectivity. You should be using the ethernet connection. The USB port is useful for configuration and it's possible to use it to surf the web, but it's not a great idea.

Could you describe how you have everything wired and cabled?

The way you should be using this is to have the Home Portal login to your SBC PPPoE account. The two computers then plug into the ethernet ports on the Home Portal. The USB port is not used. You should NOT be using Enternet 300 for logging into the SBC DSL network.

Once this is working (and only after it's working), dive into the XP Control Panel and remove all the useless SBC/Yahoo crap that SBC supplied as it's totally un-necessary and I suspect causes problems. See:

formatting link
administration (via ethernet), try: or

It's not the adapter. It's probably the power save or power management "feature" on either the USB port driver or the computer that's causing problems.

The Home Portal *IS* a router. You should be using it as a router, not as a single machine modem via USB as apparently you have it configured.

Frankly, methinks you have a mess that is going to require some substantial tinkering with the setup to get it setup correctly. I suggest you find a local expert with SBC DSL experience and have them clean up your system.

By the way, if you've read any of my junk in this newsgroup, you'll find that I detest generalities and lack of numeric information. Pretend you went to an automobile machanic for help with your vehicle using your same general format. "I have a car with a red paint job". Not very useful. Kindly supply the make and model of your PC, with which mutation of XP you're using, and what hardware are you using.

You'll get better answers if you supply:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. What do you have to work with? (hardware and software list)
  3. What have you done so far and what happened?

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I'm having a problem with my wireless connection. It's the 2Wire Home Portal/wireless network adaptor connections that came with my SBC account.

The Home Portal is fine but my USB network adaptor connection keeps dropping. It seems to come back fine by unplugging and plugging it back in or rebooting.

I think it's the adaptor. SBC says its out of warranty and it'll cost me. But is there another problem? I'm not using a router...I'm just using the home portal that came with the SBC software.

By the way, these are two PCs with XP.

Any thoughts? Much appreciated.

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Jeff Liebermann wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:


Actually, it is connected with the Ethernet cable from the main portal to the computer where the modem is connected. Only the wireless connector uses the USB port. That computer is in another room and it's more practical to use the USB port there. Plus the wireless connector is USB, not Ethernet.

The phone line is connected to the filter and plugged into the wall. The ethernet cable from the modem is connected to the port on the back of the computer.

The second computer is not nearby, and I'd have to get a very long Ethernet cable to plug into it. Is that what you're suggesting?

I haven't. I'm new to this group.

Trying to keep my wireless connection from shutting down. The main connection is fine. It's the network one that has the problem.

Two Pentium IV XP clones, both less than two years old. I can give you more specs if you need.

Reinstalled 2Wire drivers on both computers, rechecked wiring on main computer, moved the USB connection on the networked computer around to different ports. Torn my hair out. Plugged the network connection back in on reboot so the connection comes back up after it goes down.


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Got it. That's the older model ADSL wireless router.

I'll assume that "it" means the 1800HW ADSL wireless router. What is a "main portal"? Is that another router? If so, I'm lost.

Modem? What modem? Is there another box acting as an ADSL modem?

That is NOT the way the USB port on the 1800HW works.

Sorry, I'm lost. The computer in the "other" room should have some type of wireless client adapter attached which apparently is connected via USB. What is this device?

What modem? The 1800HG has a built in ADSL modem. Do you have a seperate box that's acting as a modem? What port on the back of the computer do you have this "modem" connected to? (Ethernet, USB, serial, parallel, POTS modem?). Are you talking about a dialup POTS modem?

Yes. It might be easier to just move the computer. The idea is to take the wireless out of the picture and test the system without wireless. If that works, whatever is broken is certain to be in the wireless. If it screws up with a wired connection, then there's something wrong with the machine. It's a good way to eliminate many of the potential problems.

No, that's fine. It would be nice to know if it's XP Home, Pro, or Media Edition. Also whether you have SP2 installed. Whether you have a 3rd party firewall or security software in place. What model wireless devices you have installed. What version hardware wireless devices. What version firmware if there have been some upgrades? Whether you've scanned for viruses and spyware? Are you getting the picture? If you use the word "it" in your description, please verify that you reference what device you mean by "it".

Which 2 wire driver? Which versions? The 2wire driver is really a monitor and setup utility for the wired computer and shouldn't have any effect on operation. The driver on the wireless computer is critical to the problem as it vaguely sounds like the power management is turning off the wireless after the machine goes idle.

I'm still lost as to what you're using for the wireless client device. What make and model device are you running as a wireless client?

I hate to hit you with so many questions but I'm unable to decode what you are working with in the way of equipment, how you have it arranged, and how it's connected together. Frankly, your description is vague and confusing.

The shutdown is happening on the wireless client end and probably due to power management. There's nothing wrong on the 2wire 1800HW end. I can't offer suggestions until you disclose the nature of your client adapter and associated version numbers.

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