Wii Wireless Doesn't Work with AT&T DSL 2Wire 2701HG-B Modem/Router

When I had sonic.net, my Wii console connected to the Nintendo server just fine. Now, with AT&T DSL, it sees the SSID, connects to the wireless router, but can't get to the Nintendo Server.

"Error 52232 Unable to Connect to the Server."

All the computers in the house work fine through this router.

Apparently it's some firewall issue in the 2Wire 2701HG-B, though I did find someone that apparently got it to work with the 2701HG-B being sold in the Southeast.

The Nintendo support site states:

------------------------------------ Error Code: 52232

There appears to be an issue with your wireless router's firewall.

  1. To ensure wireless interference is not causing the problem, click here to review our "Slow Downloads or Errors Received While Connecting" help.
  2. It is possible that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not compatible with the Wii console. For instance, if you need to login with a user name and password when you try to go online for the first time after restrarting your PC, your ISP is likely not compatible. Please contact your service provider for more information.
  3. If this error occurs regularly, while you are playing at home, it is likely a connection problem related to your firewall settings. For more information on firewalls, click here.
  4. Comcast users, please click here to view the Wireless Routers with Comcast-branded firmware which we have identified as being potentially incompatible with the Wii console.
  5. Are you using a Netgear brand wireless router? Our expeirence shows disabling the "SPI Firewall" of the router may help the connection. The "SPI Firewall" option is typically found under the "WAN Setup" tab of the router's settings. For information on accessing your router's settings, please click here and select the model of the Netgear router you own (if available).

If you are still receiving this error code, please click here for assistance.


Naturally AT&T Tech Support in Bangalore was no help, though they did offer to help me for $139.

The only thing I tried was manually putting in the DNS addresses, to no avail (assuming I have them correct at and

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Did you clear all wireless settings in the WII and retry? Had a problem just like yours (WII and AT&T DSL 2Wire 2701HG-B) which was corrected by clearing the settings in the WII and re-entering the code. I did unplug the WII though and then restart it.

I did have to deal with any of the settings in the router! Keep trying!

later, One out of many daves

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dave AKA vwdoc1

Quest uses different firmware on their 2701 than AT&T.

There are some things to try in the 2nd URL.

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Jeff Liebermann

I did figure it out with the help on that page, but I turned the firewall off only for the Wii, which is the only device upset about it.

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