setup 2wire 1701 to 3 computers

My brother bought a dsl system from sbcyahoo which included a 2wire

1701 router and signal filters for the wall sockets. He was told that he could plug his incoming phone line directly to the 2wire, then plug his lines that go to wall receptacles throughout the house into the four line-outs from the router. At the wall sockets throughout the house he could then plug in any phone and/or computer utilizing a provided filter. I tried that setup and got nothing. I can access the dsl signal when I plug the router into the wall phone socket at my computer, hard wite my computer to the out-put "local ethernet" sockets on the router, plug it in to power and I'm up and running. How can I hook up the other 2 computers in different parts of the house without re-wiring and without buying extra cards for these computers. Just need a little guidance here. Thanks, tj
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I just set up the same router. I was told (see sbc's web site) that each additional computer that was "NOT" in the same room needed a USB adapter. Just a word to the wise. I could not get connectivity in certain parts of the house. I had to move my office computer into a different room where it works fine.

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Look up HPNA...

That's Home Phone(line) Networking....or something like that.

It may not be compatable with the telephone number that the DSL signal is coming in on.

You will need adapters for the computers, whether usb or internal is your choice.

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Kay Archer

One issue with the through-the-outlet networking: I was working with a submetering firm a few years ago and we were told if there are transformers along the line, you lose transmission. (ie, power modulation doesn't travel passed transformers) I have thought about this issue for myself because not all power in our house is on the same phase. (power is transmitted in three signals each 120' out of phase so the total adds up to zero.. sin(x)+ sin(120+x) + sin(240+x) =

0.. once only half the power in our house was down because only one of the phases wasn't transmitting.. it baffles me how they can then meter both phases on one meter)
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You have 3 phase in your house?? Where are you that you can get that?

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James Sweet

Anyone can get 3 phase, its just unusual that a private residence has it. It is used to power large motors, fans or heavy duty electrical equipment.

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