HP zd7160 connects to 2wire dsl wireless router but not D-Link repeater

I'm looking for help with a wireless issue on my new laptop. I just
purchased an HP zd7160 with a Broadcom 54G MaxPerformance built in
wireless LAN adapter.
This connects fine (and stays connected) to my 2wire 1000sw dsl
wireless router - but when I move to where my D-Link 800AP+ repeater
kicks in, my laptop loses the connection. It actually shows that it
has a very good wireless connection to the D-Link, but I cannot access
my network.
It is almost like it is connected but thinks the D-Link is a separate
network and/or is not authenticating with it.
I use 64 bit WEP security and have set everything with the appropriate
10 digit security code.
I have an IBM thinkpad which does fine when moving between the 2wire
and the D-Link.
I've spent hours and hours on line with HP tech support, and have
downloaded a multitude of softpaqs and driver updates, but nothing has
helped. As soon as I go to where the laptop switches to the D-Link I
lose connectivity.
I also installed a D-Link DWL-122 USB wireless to this laptop and it
has the same problem, so it does not appear to be the broadcom adapter
Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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10 digit security code.
You should really get everything in working order before enabling security. But from what I have seen some equipments uses ascii wep keys and some use hex. I can see that you are using a hex key and dlink usually allows you to enter either type but Im not so sure about your broadcom, so you might double check. ascii keys for 64 bit wep are 5 characters a-z and 1-9,,,,,,,,,,,,hex are 0 - f and are 10 long.
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Actually, everything was working up until I purchased the new laptop - this is the piece that won't work. I tried disabling all security, but this did not change anything.
I've read that Win XP will not allow for having two access points with the same ssid - I don't know if this is supposed to be a general XP issue or service pack 2 only, but my IBM laptop that works us sp1 and the HP that does not work is sp2.
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