Fastest way to seup Verizon DSL

I have been setting up lot of Verizon DSL accounts for friends, family, coworkers etc. All final installs are behind a PPOE router.

I am not a big fan of installing a lot of un-needed software and protocols.

Is there a quick way to create Verizon DSL accounts without installing all of the garbage (PPOE on the PC, branding, service tracking software etc.)?

If the answer is no, as I suspect it is, is there a way to bypass the 'install cartoon' and get right to the account setup? What program do I have to drill down to get to the account setup?


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Just call Verizon and tell them you're setting up a new account with a router. They'll give you a username and password to use in the router setup and you'll never have to install anything on the PC.



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Bob Levine

I second that statement !


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