DSL Filters and Visual Message Waiting

I am trying to get my "Visual Message Wating? back after installing DSL.

Before I had DSL, My device worked fine. I uses the Side tones, just like Caller-ID, to Set or extinguish a lamp depending on what voicemail tells it to do.

After installing DSL, and the filters to keep the HISS undercontroll, my lanp no longer works. I even tried getting one of the "Dynamic" DSL filters that is supposed to address just this issue.

On the odd chance it was my device, I tried another box...same thing.

Any ideas? Is there a way to boost the sidetones so they make it through?

Trying to work with Verizon is a pain. The Non-Agents on the phone work from a script...."DO you have dial tone, have you tried it at the NID...etc..."

Any help would be appreciated.

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Bob Sisson
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Hi Bob:

The problem is your filters. The best way to handle DSL is using a single filter at the side of the house and separating your telephone lines from the one going to the modem. There are several ways to do this. Here in BC, the telco provider (Telus) uses a special "double block" that incorporates separate terminals for the modem and the house phones. Once all the phones no longer use individual filters, your problem should disappear.

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Frank Olson

Hello Frank, Hello Bob,

That would be the clean method of separating DSL and phone signals. In case you want to look for them, in the US these blocks are often called "DSL splitter" or just "splitter".

Regards, Joerg

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