need to find way to just ring phone (voice / data transmission not necessary)

Is there a way to just ring a phone number using VOIP without going through any of the big POTS/VOIP companies? What hardware would be necessary?

I am looking for an extremely cheap way to simply ring a phone, I don't really care what the technology is. The only requirement is that I could do it over IP from a server using a standard ethernet card and preferably without an expensive modem.

Sorry for my sophmoric knowledge on this subject, hopefully somebody can help.

If it is an absolute necessity to go through a POTS/VOIP company which one has an API so my programming code can dial numbers. Which service has the dirt cheapest unlimited long distance service?

Thanks, Tom

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Thomas Miller
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If you want to ring an analog phone that's connected to a PSTN (POTS line), there is no way you can get around a VoIP/POTS gateway. If you only want to generate a ring on a PC that's connected to Internet, get yourself two Skype accounts and ring the other account all day long for free. As a by-product of this setup you'll also be able to actually talk to the other PC! Skype is easy to find:

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Thanks. Can you tell me what the dirt cheapest VOIP provider that will do this? What VOIP providers are accessible through an API?

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On a cisco router, check out the "csim start 'telephone number'" option...allows you to place a no-audio call through a gateway to test connectivity.

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53 byte enthusiast

Thanks for the command. I googled for it and see that it is an undocumented command on the cisco router.

My computer application that will use voip to take advantage of the "unlimited long distance for X dollars". The application will ring the phones of people who sign up using the csim start 'telephone number' command you informed me of.

1) What is the cheapest cisco router that supports the csim start 'telephone number' command?

2) If my program is going to be issuing the commands, would it be better to have a PCI based cisco router or a standalone router?

3) How will my program issue the csim start 'telephone number' command? telnet to the router and issue it? How do you reccommend I do this programatically?

3) will vonage support the "csim start 'telephone number'" command?

4) is there anybody you reccommend over vonage?

5) any thoughts or suggestions?



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Free world dial?


need hardware or at least something. ok maybe not a great idea. I thought I would mention it

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