AOL and Verizon DSL problem

I am trying to help my grandmother with a computer problem and I could use some help.

Last year, she got Verizon DSL through AOL. I guess it was some sort of joint plan. With this plan she could use the internet without being signed into AOL and when she visited certain security sites, it would show her ISP as being Verizon.

A few months ago, she got a new computer and one of the other grandkids setup the new computer and networked the new and old computers together. Now when she visits those same security websites, it has AOL as being her ISP. Her internet connection also seems kind of slow, especially for having DSL.

I am wondering if the grandkid hooked something up wrong. I can't check the connections myself since we live far away. Is there a way I can help her check whether she's using AOL dialup or Verizon DSL? It seems like if she was using dialup, she would notice since she used that for years.

Would there be any reason as to why AOL would show up as her ISP if she was using Verizon DSL?

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Mike S.
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