Earthlink Problems-long story

I wish I could make nice and short but it is not nice and not short. The only thing I am sure is that it's slow and frustrating. Lets start with technical issues first. I opened Earthlink DLS service on August 1st 2004; happy to see my grate speed of about 720kbs downstream and 300kbs upstream, faster than 50kbs I was getting through my dialup. After first happy day of use I realized I just have paid for 3MBs down and 384Kbs up service. 720 is fast but 3000 should be even better right since Earthlink charges me 39 and some change, I should say first 2 month are 19 and some change.

So, being too greedy I called and asked what is the problem can I get what I have signed up for? Firs call about 8/4/2004. Called Earthlink's regular tech support number, about 1h wait. Tech was helpful went through regular procedure everything showed up fine so he referred me to senior tech opened trouble ticket and here you go. After conversation with Jennifer-very nice and polite person, I learned that I am about 18000feer away from CO, and 3MBs is not possible OK so can I get 1.5 MBs, which I considered to be grate too. Even dough the price is the same, it still bits the dialup. Still, Jennifer mentioned COVAD and she ordered some stress line testing done and find out what they can do. Next day my download speed dropped to about 300kBs. Second call, about 8/11/2004, to 866-794-4371, the number I received the previous time and I mentioned my trouble ticket number, which apparently DOESN'T mean a thing because I had to explain myself again from the beginning. This time I spoke to Jim. The bottom line was that he told me that I should be getting about 1MBs downstream, and he mentioned that earthlink should not charge me the same price for the

3Mbs service as for 1.5Mbs service- learned later that is not truth it still will cost me about $39. Third call due to my downstream speed still in low 200s. I found out that my ticket was closed and immediately I was transferred to regular tech support, frustrated but still calm after about 45 minutes on my cell phone I explained what is going on and new trouble ticket was opened. I got transferred to special department (only the phone number tells me that it is the special one). This time "Marie" tells me that they will bring my speed down and than they will bring it up to the level, which will provide the best connection. That made me happy.

Fourth call. 8/20/2004My speeds are in mid 100kbs, called the same special number the person on the other line tells me my ticket was closed and mentions problems with synchronization as a subject in the old ticket, my silly answer was that I have never had problems with sync, so without word he transfers me to regular tech support line, here you go again, new ticket was opened for the same issue. Got transfer to special department and was told that somehow the process of draping my connection speed and bringing it back up was stopped at the lowest level. But they will work on it. They asked for maximum

2days before the improvement. Not very satisfying, but what can you do? I think I talked to Kail this time got the badge number but that doesn't mean anything; it is not possible to talk to the same person twice. I ASKED.

Fifth call. 8/22/2004 No change in speed went through the same procedure as during the fourth call, ticket was closed opened new one, but this time asked for manager at the point when I was transferred to regular support at the beginning of my call, I am very unhappy at the time, regular support personnel does not have Identification Number or badge number. As I was told his supervisor manager goes only by log in name, which I could not understand. But they were kind enough to transferred me to "special" support and this time I talked to Todd, asked for his badge number and have it don't know for what. Todd brought my speed up to 700kbs that is what I had at the beginning

22 days ago, and before at least 8hrs of talk on the phone. A lot of information, but no solution. Todd asked me to keep an eye on the connection and call back Earthlink special support, he also gave me new trouble ticket number which will refer to may case, at this point I am afraid to call since I can loose the connection I have. That closes technical issue as of today

Other issue was account issue, I was charged 3 times so far for the service. August 1st $62.69 for modem shipping and first month, August 12th $20.24 apparently for service Called in, they told me something about pay periods being from 17 to

17th of each month, I got credit about $12 August 18th $29.93, I didn't understand what was that for, and they took away my $12 credit Called in asked for manager he refunded my credit card with $50.17 Never got refunded for 2hrs on the phone and frustration, and I still wonder when they will charge me again.

My tech data from modem are: ADSL Connection Up Resync Count 5 ADSL Mode G.DMT Downstream Bit Rate 928 Kbps Upstream Bit Rate 128 Kbps Downstream Capacity Occupation 80 % Downstream Noise Margin 7.79 dB Downstream Attenuation 61.01 dB Downstream Output Power 15.21 dBm Upstream Capacity Occupation 22 % Upstream Noise Margin 20.00 dB Upstream Attenuation 31.50 dB Upstream Output Power 12.15 dBm ADLS MODE was T1-433 for some time Noise margin stays the same about 8dB Resync Count did not change since Earthlink changed bit rate form 288 to 928 1 day ago.

Any help I think about 10 phone calls in what it takes to give up for me ??? Can anything go even worst this month?? Is that the standard procedure of Earthlink?

Anybody? My account number is 15780618 I don't want to be anonymous.

I checked CO distance and it is 9423 f.


I closed account yesterday, they changed my plan to more expensive one ($49.95) without any noticed ant posted charge on my invoice. Hope no one will have so mach headache in 23 days period; I could handle that in 1-year, maybe.

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Your stats show that you probably will not be able to get faster than the

768 down speed. You are about 17,000 feet from the CO and your noise margin is low (bad).
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That is what they told me at the beginning of that mess i checked on distance to CO and it shows 9500f by address locatin is is about 1.2miles in street lenght, any idea why uplaod margin is higher? tx for replay

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