Time Warner / Earthlink Not Honoring Promise

I periodically switch between Road Runner and Earthlink. I do it whenever one can offer me a deal that saves me some money for a few months.

Some weeks back, I was on Road Runner. I spoke with Earthlink. They told me that I could get cablemodem from them for $19.95 per month for three months then the regular price from then forward.

I told them to switch me. I've been on Earthlink several weeks since then.

When the bill came, it was the regular charge. I called Earthlink, who transfered me to Time Warner. Time Warner says I am not eligible for the $19.95 per month and that they will not give me this rate (which was the incentive I was offered to switch over).

I told them I would file a complaint against them. I can think of three options but I'm not sure which is the correct one. First, the county Franchise Office. Next, Consumer Affairs. Finally, the FCC.

The Franchise office may be my best bet. I'll probably call them today or tomorrow to find out if they can help with this. Consumer Affairs may be out of jurisdiction, but I am not sure of that. The FCC may consider this a regional matter (or maybe not since they are leaning towards making Internet service under Federal jurisdiction).

Can anyone make some suggestions?



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: How many times have you switched between these two carriers? Did, by any chance, they say something about 'new customers only' rate? Perhaps they did not consider you a 'new customer' ? PAT]
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