Does the Netgear DG834G work reliably for anyone with PPPoE?


I've a bunch of DG834Gs running with UK ISPs which use PPPoA and the devices are pretty reliable. They definitely have a whole load of bugs (wireless is intolerant of local strong signals and problems with clock, email date and now the inward rules in the latest firmware) but they are fairly consistent and reliable (except for that the wireless bug) have none has ever shown any DSL connection problems.

I also tried using this Netgear modem/router with USA PPPoE systems and there find it unbelievable flakey. It connect up fine initially but seems to have a major problem reconnecting if the line drops out for any reason. The reconnection algorithm is broken. It just bleats "Initialize LCP" into the log and will not reconnect until the device is power-cycled, which is a real PITA when routers are running remotely and unattended for security and home automation purposes. I've tried using Earthlink, Verizon and BellSouth and it's the same with all. I've now given up and moved my BellSouth connection to a Westell modem running in bridge mode along with a cheap PPPoE-capable Belkin router and now this system is like that Energizer bunny and just keeps going.

Has anyone found similar or different results trying to maintain connections when using a Netgear DG834G with a US PPPoE aDSL ISP?


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Anthony R. Gold
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