connection interrupted on the ASDM interface.

Good morning everybody,

After successfully configuring NAT on a cisco ASA5510, I have a problem with the ASDM access.

I have created an ssl certificate request, and successfully imported the X509 certificate in the Cisco.

I also had set up a subdomain that points to the external IP address of the Cisco, for instance

For privacy reasons, I have changed the subdomain name, which is not admin.

Yesterday, I have successfully acceded the asdm, using http server enable, and adding my IP address.

But now, whe I try to access to the cisco asdm using https secure connection, and port 443, I have the error : " interrupted the connection."

I had try to debug the connection using the command "debug http 255", but the only message I receive from the console is :

----- red2asa1(config)# listen: Received HTTP request. Started http listen on interface ext port 443

----- Nothing more.

Some other informations may be useful : =========================================================== red2asa1(config)# show crypto ca certificates CA Certificate Status: Available Certificate Serial Number: 04e4da Certificate Usage: General Purpose Public Key Type: RSA (1024 bits) Issuer Name: ea= cn=CA Cert Signing Authority ou=

formatting link
o=Root CA Subject Name: PrincipalName: OCSP AIA: URL:
formatting link
Validity Date: start date: 15:57:55 GMT Mar 29 2008 end date: 15:57:55 GMT Sep 25 2008 Associated Trustpoints: cacert =========================================================== red2asa1(config)# show crypto ca trustpoints

Trustpoint cacert: Subject Name: Serial Number: 04e4da Certificate configured. =========================================================== red2asa1(config)# show running-config asdm asdm image disk0:/asdm-523.bin asdm history enable ===========================================================

Any idea ?

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andre rodier
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