DSL problems with amplification (installing indoor splitter)

I am having static noise on my line once I installed DSL. Yes I do have filters on all the telephone jacks. My home has a home network box(UStec). and has a telco in and 6 other phone jacks going out. Pac Bell claims that I need to install a splitter since the signal is amplified and when the DSL is on, I hear static on the phone. Ok I am on a budget. I need to find how I can install a indoor filter with no complex wiring. The wire that terminates on the main box already has a RJ31 telephone plug on it. Is there a simple plug and play splitter where I do not need to cut this wire open. Is this how to do it.

Main Line(RJ31 jack) ---- (Ustec box) Telco in - 6 phone outlets

New combination

Main Line ---- Splitter(with female jack) - Phone Line to Telco in and another to DSL modem.

Thanks in advance for the help. Also where can I find such a splitter

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In your diagram (New Combination) it looks like you have the DSL filter ahead of the DSL modem. That is not correct. Here is how I do it. Note: there is no filter between the Telco line and the DSL modem. I use only one DSL filter that came with the DSL Installation Kit (AT&T) and feed all of the telephone equipment into that filter.

Telco _DSL ____________________Dlink Router__!__PC 1 _ ! Connector / Modem 604 ! ! Block ___/_________ !__PC 2 __! ==== ! Radio Shack! ! ! [ ] Line __! Duplex Jack! !__PC 3 ! ==== ! 279-448 ! ! ! !____________! !__PC 4 ! \ ________ ! \_ DSL___! Radio !_$$_ WECO Key equip ! Filter ! Shack ! with 3 telephones ! ! !_$$_ Fax from PC 1 and PC 2_____! ! Wiring !

! Block !__ Panasonic KG XT 5110 2 phone ! !

! 279-430!___Acatel 2840 Webtouch Phone ! with dial up access ! !__ AT&T 612 desktop phone ! ! ! !__ Radio Shack Wall Phone

! ! ! !_$$_ 2 Dish Network Receivers ! ! !________!___AMCAMEX Caller ID Display

$$ indicates the use of either Radio Shack Single or Duplex Jack to facilitate quick disconnect for testing purposes.

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