D-Link DI-524 v/s USR8054

I am trying out these two routers. In the limited period that I have with me to do the experiments or use them, I am not sure if I can make judgements regarding long term performance of these two routers. So I just of asking all of you, which one is better in:

1) firmware upgrade frequency (resolving f/w problems) 2) harwdware stability (which one has more chancing of failing(?) sooner) 3) tech support (doesn't matter that much actually) 4) stability and quality of the web interface (wish they has telnet, or better still, ssh)

This is my first time starting to use a hardware router. Been using Linux machien as router till now (which was up till I stopped networking or rebooted the machine). So maybe some of the questions are odd. Just feel free to give your own suggestions.

thanks, HS

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H. S.
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I've got a DI-524.

I flashed the firmware before using it and it works fine.

Tech support is excellent, as least the fellow I got.

-- Herb snipped-for-privacy@herbstein.com

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Herb Stein

In both the routers, the underlying OS seems to be quite similar (menu items, log messages, etc.). However, when I subjected both routers to exploits from this page:

formatting link
(on the page after you click on Continue) one by one (important). USR8054 was successful in blocking all of them. DI-524 broke down consistenly against:

  1. ssping (needed power cycling after this)
  2. targa3 (needed reconnecting after this)

Also, DI-524 can allocate static IP addresses through DHCP via it's DHCP server. USR8054 cannot.

DI-524 has URL blocking, USR8054 doesn't. (doesn't matter much).

DI-524's web interface did not work under Mozilla for me, USR8054's did.

DI-524 has DDNS feature (so no-ip works in here, quite nice) but USR8054 does not (really wish it had).

USR8054 has 256 bit WEP, DI-524 only till 128. Buth both have WPA and WPA-PSK.

Given the exploits experience above, looks like USR8054 is going to be the winner.


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H. S.

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