Repeater that works with D-Link DI-524

The range of my DI-524 is very limited in my house (due to building material used? wireless phones also have a hard time here).

So I need to extend the wireless network to cover my house.

I already have a D-Link DI-524.

I tried a 7db antenna, but the range/signal was actuall WORSE.

I now also bought a Belkin (F5D7233) Wireless Router that is supposed to work as a repeater (in the hope this will help my situation).

But from reading more about repeaters, I start to have doubts. While waiting until the Belkin arrives, and want prepare myself for the possible failure (or learn how to avoid it).

a) Will the combination D-Link +_Belkin repeater work? What should I look out for (or observe during setup)?

b) If the combination is doomed to fail, what solutions should I try (including replacing both the DLink and the Belkin if I have to)

c) If replacing, should I go to 108 wireless? Does my Dell Inspiron E1505 work with a 108 wireless network?

Any help is appreciated.


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On 1 Sep 2006 18:39:41 -0700, "vtraudt" wrote in :

Then something must have been wrong, because it should be BETTER.

Mixing brands tends to be problematic.

A repeater won't necessarily solve your weak signal problem. You might be better off with a 2nd access point connected by wire, Ethernet, powerline networking, phoneline networking, or coax networking.

Stick with the same brand.

With your signal issues that's unlikely to help. Consider MIMO (all around) instead.

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John Navas

I use a DI-524 and I had a similar issue, so I purchased the Dlink DWL-G710. I had dlink support walk me through the setup process and it works fine. I have wireless access thoughout my condo.

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Eugene J. Maes

I agree with John... stay with the same brand if at all possible. Avoids finger pointing from tech support if you have to use them I also found a linksys repeater will not play with a dlink router (di-524)

Again like John said... look into mimo especailly if you haven't bought alot of hardware or you can take some of the stuff back to the store.


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I moved the D-Link DI-524 wireless router from its central location in the network (basement) and made it an access point on one of the trunks (and branch off from there to 2 wired computers) on the 1st floor.

The signal strength and range improved, I can access the network with my laptop with reasonable speed in a lot of places in the house (signal strength remains "low").

The signal at the desktop location is still not sufficient (USB wireless, antenna on desk).


John Navas wrote:

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