ADSL to RJ45 (and back)

Our ADSL router has a built-in cable which plugs directly into the ADSL socket of an ADSL/phone splitter.

I don't want the router where it is, dusty and a long walk away.

I want to patch the ADSL through the RJ45 cabling to a convenient location of my choice and then stick an adaptor in an RJ45 socket in the safe location where I want the router.

Where can I find suitable cables and adaptors?


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MIG wrote on 5/25/2005 6:07 AM:



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Well, the short answer would be Home Depot. The somewhat longer answer would be: it depends on what do you actually move: the DSL modem or the router or your device has both onboard?

If you separate your router from your DSL modem, you'll need to extend all four pairs, of which pairs #2 and #3 will be used for the Ethernet connection between the modem and the router.

If your router has modem built into it or if you still keep both devices together but move both to a better spot, you'll only need to worry about the two center pins that carry your POTS line with DSL in it.

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If you have home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's, they usually have everything you'll need. BTW, if you want to use a heating or cold air duct to route the cable, you'll need CAT5 cable rated for that.

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Rick Wintjen

Thanks to all. It's a combined modem/router and the uplinks are already in place, so all I need is the adaptors at each end.

I'll try the places suggested.

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