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Can anyone recommend a Cisco ADSL Router for use at home? Is it worth going for the Soho 97, or will an older model be as good? TIA.

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Do you have any specific requirements, or will "Must be Cisco" "Must do ADSL" suffice? :-)



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Gary Smith

I guess thats about it. Im studying for CCNA and wanted something to play with, but want to end up with something I can make use of as well. I just don't want to end up with something too old. Hopefully someone will have had experience of these and know which models might have certain disadvantages.

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jedimaster rob

oh yes, preferably with switch ports on the back instead of a hub.

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jedimaster rob

Ah, same boat as me! An 837 would do sterling service, as it:

A) Does ADSL B) Has switch ports (4 of them! And they do 10/100!). But wait, there's more... C) It's a Cisco and does IOS goodness.

However, if you're not willing to give your bank manager a heart attack by saying you want to spend the sharp end of 300 quid on a router (new), you look at:

The SOHO 91/Cisco 831 don't have the modem built into them - I'm making a huge assumption that you're based in the UK. If I'm wrong, then you'll have to work this bit out yourself: UK services are generally wires-only, which requires the use of a modem on the end of your phone line. The 837 has this

- the 830, doesn't. It's just got an ethernet on it. If your ADSL is presented on ethernet, you're fine with this.

The 827 is another choice, but these are a bit older than the 837 - depends what you want. The 827 is fine for learning IOS on, and the 827-4V is definitely still a current model.

There's more details here:

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Your other option is to get a suitable chassis and a ADSL WIC.

Hope that's useful,


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Gary Smith

The Soho9x is basically a slightly stripped down C83x.

The Soho lacks the - managed 4 port swith (unmanaged only) - hardware accelarator for 3des VPN. - IPv6 features and some routing protocols.

Officially the Soho series isn't upgradeable. But putting a MEM830-16D in a Soho96 or Soho91 simply works, and you can run 12.3(14)T1 then ;-)

48MB RAM isn't enough for C83x's 12.3(14)T1. Only brand new devices have 64MB RAM.
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Uli Link

Look at the 827 or 837 models - fixed ADSL and Ethernet switches. If you want modular look at one of the 1700 series with a ADSL WIC and fixed Ethernet.


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please, regarding vpn capability yof soho9x:

for maintaining multiple vpn tunnels, i [bisicaly] need to config:

crypto isakmp key xxxxxx peer_address set peer peer_address match address address_range_id access-list address_range_id permit ip inside_address outside_address

repeating these four lines of config, tunnel is created [of course the same to be done on both sides]

am i [basicaly] right?

is such number of available tunnels limited [memory, cpu performance]? if yes, should "overflowed" tunnel suffer from "nonreachable/timed out"? if limited, does it mean that "simultaneously on line", while you may have many, but not concurently active [with flow] tunnels?

thanks for any comments.

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gabor salai

What about a Cisco 678 ADSL Router. As far as I know they are relialible units. Please email me back with any comments at Thanks

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